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March 2024 Restoration: Phase 2 Workday

Tuesday, March 19, 2024 9am - 12:00 pm

Friends of Bald Rock and SC Department of Natural Resources welcome volunteers to: Pick up litter, Mitigate graffiti, and Restore plant habitats by collecting plant material from the forest.  ...

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SCNPS Botanical Survey News

The Upstate SC Native Plant Society is currently working on a comprehensive botanical survey of Bald Rock Heritage Preserve.

Summer 2022 Newsletter

We hope you are having a great summer! Here’s what’s happening at Friends of Bald Rock.

May 2022 Clean Up Day

18 volunteers contributed 34 man hours pressure washing and picking up litter. 360 pounds of litter were collected and take to the recycling center.

April 2022 Cleanup Day

13 Volunteers contributed 45.5 man hours pressure washing and picking up litter. 200 pounds of litter were collected and taken to the recycling center.

February 2022 Clean Up Day

Today 15 energetic volunteers, working with Greenville's Litter Ends Here and SCDNR picked up litter and cleared the access road. Volunteers used chain saws, loppers, extensions saws while others cleared the debris from the access road.

December 2021 Cleanup Day

This cleaning included 8 volunteers and 4 SCDNR staff working from 3.5 hours, with the fire truck refilling once, for a total of 30 man hours. A limited litter pickup by two volunteers yielded 50 pounds of trash.