On November 6, 2021, litter pickup and pressure washing was done in coordination with SCDNR, River Falls Fire Department, and Greenville County “Litter Ends Here.”  The Preserve was open to the public with a designated work area closed for pressure washers.  This area was marked by cones and signs to protect the public from flying glass and rock.  

This cleaning included many new volunteers who were pressure washing, greeting visitors, providing info, inviting visitors to pick up litter, handing out pickup sticks and bags, and litter pickup. Some volunteers did multiple jobs. A total of 39 volunteers participated, some did more than one job., contributing 105 man hours to restoring Bald Rock.

Five pressure washers started work in the coned off area. Greeters welcomed visitors, alerted them to the pressure washing area, asked if they wanted to pick up litter, and provided equipment, if requested. Greeters collected trash and equipment from visitors as they left and gave them a flyer about the cleanup project. Greeters and preregistered volunteers also collected litter.

A total of 28 volunteers collected 43 bags of trash and 2 car tires in 4 hours, contributing 56 man hours, and collected 920 pounds of trash. Two pickup truck loads of trash were taken to the recycling center.

Nine volunteers pressure washed for 4 hours with 5 machines, contributing 20 man hours. Pressure washers quit when the fire truck ran out of water.

Six volunteers greeted the public and signed in volunteers for 16 man hours.

River Falls Fire Department had 3 volunteers on hand contributing 13 man hours.

Total 105 man hours

With the Preserve open to the public during the clean-up, people had an opportunity to see, the volunteers, support staff, equipment and the amount of work required to clean the Preserve.  Visitors were invited to help with litter pickup, and were given information about how to volunteer or join Friends of Bald Rock.