Today 15 energetic volunteers, worked with Litter Ends Here and DNR to pick up litter and clear the access road.  While 11 volunteers spread out to pick up litter, four volunteers with chainsaws started trimming limbs back from the access road.  This work will make room for trucks to access the rock to remove old wrecked cars at the base of the rock.

After litter pick-up, those volunteers moved to the access road where some used loppers and extension saws, and others cleared debris off the road and into the woods.  The road looked amazing!

This cleaning included 15 volunteers and 2 SCDNR staff working 45 man hours. Litter pickup yielded 260 pounds of trash, which was taken to the recycling center.

We finished shortly before Hawkins Towing arrived with their large tow truck, flatbed and crew to test the plan.  The ground was soft and the tow truck soon became mired in mud.  Unable to continue forward to the rock, the truck had to back out to Hwy 276.

Although Hawkins Towing was unable to test their plan for hauling up a car, we did learn a lot about bringing trucks in on the road. Clearly, we need to reschedule after 10 dry days, use a smaller truck that will be driving on the existing gravel bed, etc. We will continue to work with Hawkins Towing toward a workable plan.

Hey, if it was easy, it would have been done a long time ago! We appreciate Hawkins Towing for hanging in there with us through this process.  Updates will be provided as our plans develop.