This was a Pressure Washing only clean-up day.  All pressure washing was done in coordination with SCDNR, and Pumpkintown Fire Department.  The Preserve was open to the public with a designated work area closed for pressure washers.  This area was marked by cones and signs to protect the public from flying glass and rock.  Running 6 pressure washers simultaneously, the volunteers removed graffiti from a large area west of the bridge.  We noted that new graffiti was found over large portions of the rock face, including areas previously cleaned in October and November.  We will continue to remove it as we develop a master plan that will protect the natural resources of the Preserve.

This cleaning included 8 volunteers and 4 SCDNR staff working from 3.5 hours for a total of 30 man hours. A limited litter pickup by two volunteers yielded 50 pounds of trash.

The work day went smoothly with SCDNR managing the parking area for the fire department.  Starting later in the day, on a week day in December, post-leaf season, worked well. There were very few visitors and no parking issues.  We are grateful to River Falls Fire Department for working with Pumpkintown Fire Department when their volunteer was unable to bring their pumper truck as planned.  Pumpkintown Fire Chief, Shane Walton, provided great support.