Today was a Pressure Washing and Litter Pickup day.  All pressure washing was done in coordination with SCDNR, and River Falls Fire Department.  The Preserve was open to the public with a designated work area cordoned off for pressure washing.  The area was marked by cones and signs to protect the public from flying glass and rock.  Running 4 pressure washers simultaneously, the volunteers removed graffiti from a large area close to the entrance and south of the bridge.  We focused on these areas because they make a positive impression on arriving visitors. The clean natural rock surface sends a message about our ongoing plans for restoring the rock and the Preserve.

This cleaning included 13 volunteers, working from 9a to 12:30p. Volunteers worked a total of 45.5 man hours.

Visitors have left less litter than they have in the past. DNR Law Enforcement confirms this observation. Today, seven volunteers collected 200 pounds of litter, which was taken to the recycling center. Remember the day we collected 920 pounds in two truckloads?!