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Graffiti, Self-Expression, Sharing Stories, and Preserving History

Graffiti is an ancient and enduring form of self-expression. While we recognize that tradition, Bald Rock Heritage Preserve is an inappropriate venue, at least for paint, chalk, ink, or other substances on the rock, or anywhere else, in the Preserve. Photography, on the other hand, would be much better.

December 2021 Cleanup Day

This cleaning included 8 volunteers and 4 SCDNR staff working from 3.5 hours, with the fire truck refilling once, for a total of 30 man hours. A limited litter pickup by two volunteers yielded 50 pounds of trash.

November 2021 Cleanup Day

In a one-day clean up event, 43 volunteers, plus River Falls Fire Department volunteers, Greenville Litter Ends Here Coordinator, and SCDNR staff contributed 119 man hours pressure washing to remove graffiti and collecting 920 pounds of trash.

October 2021 Cleanup Day

In October 2021, 17 volunteers worked 31.5 man-hours and picked up 500 pounds of trash. Over the next two days, 15 volunteers, aged 18-88, worked 42 man-hours pressure washing graffiti off the rock using 4400 gallons of water.